Zinc is a natural found material similar in characteristics to copper. It is environmentally friendly and sustainable. Zinc offers distinctive aspects, the colours shift, reflecting the changing colours of the sky. It also marries well with other common building materials such as wood, brick, stone and glass.

Architects love zinc due to its malleability, it can be bent to form smooth curves or even more complex shapes that are not always possible with other materials.

Zinc comes in a choice of natural finish, pre-patinated or pigmento colours. Our preferred supplier is VMZINC who have been producing zinc since 1837. Zinc is completely recyclable and very durable, with a life span of over 100 years and has a fire rating of AA. Like copper, it also develops a patina over time. Zinc gives excellent sound proofing qualities and is self-healing. VMZINC comes in the following finishes

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